Success Stories


“I had recently come out of a long term relationship when I was referred to Michelle for RTT.  It was honestly the thing that saved me at the time – not sure if I would have survived without it.  A traumatic unstable childhood with parents who were unable to love, had left me with quite chronic abandonment issues.  I was well aware of it – so much so that I chose to avoid relationships for most of my adult life.  The abandonment felt like death – almost too much to bear, the pain too deep, too raw, too dramatic… the ending of a short fling would leave me severely undone… for weeks and even months.

And then my first ‘lasting’ relationship came to a very abrupt end, and I lost everything, home, partner, my best friend, support, love.  I was terrified and my thoughts were driving me to despair.  I literally thought I would die and I had hit rock bottom.  Thankfully I found Michelle quite soon and had an RTT session to deal specifically with abandonment and to release the victim who had run the internal show for way too long. The 3 year old hurt abandoned child in me who felt she was dying was acknowledged and given the love, support and care she needed.  The session freed me from the past – instantly!  I immediately felt liberated, empowered, strong and I knew even if I only had the skin I stood in, I would be ok.  And I am OK – I have been amazing since the session – yes life has been full of challenge yet I am able for them and I am moving forward with more momentum and self belief that ever before.  

RTT is a gift to humanity – to be freed from such old destructive deep rooted beliefs so quickly, and permanently is ground breaking.  Michelle is an extraordinary RTT therapist, who comes very highly recommended by me. Michelle and RTT transformed my life and my story.  Am truly grateful” xx 

– Nemara – Australia


Michelle helped me treat my anger & shouting issues with my daughters through RTT. The result of the therapy was very positive. Not only do I feel better with handling my daughters but my husband has noticed the difference in my behaviour too! I would definitely recommend that you give it a try with Michelle. She was clear and transparent from the beginning that it may take more than one session and that listening to her audio voice taping for 21 days is key to the success. This was all true! Thanks Michelle for helping me bring more harmony to our family. 

– G.R -Switzerland


It was a great experience working with Michelle. The RTT session was amazing and very insightful.  In only one session I was able t understand the underlying issues of my mind and how my childhood experiences influenced me and I was able to let go of it.  The issue we worked on was solved and it took only two days to see the positive results. I can not recommend it enough, RTT is the best investment one can make.

R.N. – Holland


Opposite to most therapies, which do not start with a precise goal, RTT begins with a focused questionnaire addressing your specific goals.  I came to Michelle, an RTT therapist, for a block in my creative productivity.  With the help of a questionnaire, which she reviewed before our meeting, Michelle was able to pinpoint the source of this block and as a result helped me move through it in a very short amount of time. Her approach is both concise and effective. 

We had only one session targeting the creative block. By the end of the session she had created a recording for me to use daily.  Using this tool, the programming that hindered me was gradually replaced with an affirmative message to overcome the blockage.  Within the first few weeks I noticed a clearer focus while in my studio, thus increasing my productivity.  The method is effective and Michelle is an excellent practitioner.  She is fully committed to helping you reach your unique goals and does it with compassion, as well as a lovely professionalism. It’s amazing that within one session, and one month of listening to Michelle’s recording, that I experienced positive changes in my creative work.   I now understand why it is called Rapid Transformation Therapy. I highly recommend Michelle as well as RTT itself.

– M.S. – Switzerland


Working with Michelle had a tremendous impact on me. 

I booked an RTT session with her because I felt  stuck in my art career. I had difficulties to start a painting and to finish it. I also wanted to be able to paint abstract art, but it was so hard to produce any ideas. 

Michelle was very prepared for the session and made me feel very relaxed so my mind easily found the root cause of procrastination and stagnation.

Michelle is amazing. She helped me to change my process and creative thinking. As a result of a session with Michelle I feel energized, inspired, drawn to painting, I start and finish a painting effortlessly, easily, I paint faster. The ideas for abstract art come to me in abundance. I attract art professionals that want to exhibit my art and don’t have to look for them anymore. 

I am so grateful to Michelle for removing the blocks that stopped me from progress for years. Making art with ease makes me so happy and empowered. Don’t waste your precious life on fighting your subconscious. Michelle can help you to upgrade very fast. I highly recommend her. 

– Margarita – Czech Republic


When I first saw Michelle,  I was hoping to find an inner calm and confidence that I was lacking at the time.  Michelle used a technique called Rapid Transformational Therapy, which  helped me get to the underlying cause of a general discomfort I felt in many areas of my life from personal relationships to business and career.  Michelle uncovered a belief that I didn’t even realize I had, held deep in my sub-conscious, that I would never be good enough.  Through this discovery, I was able to understand that the circumstances in which this belief was formed are no longer relevant and that I am free to choose to let it go.  It was a very liberating experience.  Michelle gave me a recording to listen to which reinforced the message that she set in my mind in hypnosis – that I am good enough, capable, confident, lovable.  And I must say, playing that over and over does create a new belief.  I would definitely recommend Michelle as a warm, caring person with a knack for soothing and calming within the therapy session; a consummate professional.

– Roberta – Australia


Michelle worked wonders with me in a single powerful RTT session. Straight away she put me at ease and gave me such confidence that this was going to help me and it absolutely did. I see amazing changes in myself from my beliefs, which are now powerful and positive, to my habits which are improving daily. My confidence in so many areas of life, not just what we worked on together, has dramatically improved. I would urge anyone who seriously wants to overcome whatever is holding you back from a fulfilled life to get directly in touch with this wonderful woman. Thanks so much Michelle, you are an absolute star!

– Veronika – Germany